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Welcome to New Outlook Counseling Center Inc

Today we begin a journey toward your goals for a better life. This experience will give you new tools to put you on a path to understanding yourself better, and living your best life.

A therapist’s job is simply to help you recognize and realize your potential and give you the skills to reach your best self. While there is no “quick fix” or simple solution, solutions are here. By applying a combination of tried-and-true therapy techniques along with the latest ideas in behavioral research, we can uncover what may be holding you back from enjoying a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Let us guide you through that challenging situation, or show you a new direction to achieve your goals!

Please contact us via phone or email us for an individual, couples, or family therapy assessment today.

Bloomington -Main

5010 N Stone Mill Suite B
Bloomington, Indiana, 47408


888-789-8394 fax

Bloomington - Madison

501 S. Madison St, Suite 105
Bloomington, IN  47403


888-789-8394 fax

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